The Pit Bull Hoax DVD
The Truth Behind The Media's Mythical Monster

pitbullhoaxThe Pit Bull Hoax is an educational DVD. Its intended purpose is to remove existing Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) from the law books and prevent any cities, counties and states from enacting BSL.

As of 2009, 41 states have BSL or are considering it in its legislature. Additionally, various insurance companies, housing authorities and other groups have a list of "dangerous dogs" that totals 75 breeds.

Featuring interviews with: Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Jean Donaldson, Dr Ian Dunbar, Diane Jessup and Jane Berkey.

Copies of The Pit Bull Hoax DVD are offered free of charge to legislators, media and anyone who is attempting to educate people as to why BSL is not effective in reducing dog bites or human fatalities related to dog bites.

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Here's what people are saying about The Pit Bull Hoax:

"The Pit Bull Hoax is an outstanding tool for educating both legislators and the general public.  It hits the major points that need to be discussed in debates over Breed Specific Legislation and public safety.  I believe it is a great conversation starter and reminds all of us that dogs are unbelieveably safe and every dog attack can be traced right back to an irresponsible owner."
- Jean Keating Co-Founder Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates
"Real passion cannot be bought, it cannot be learned and it cannot be faked.  Passion can only be as powerful and unique as the individual whom it consumes.  Drayton Michaels possesses an unrivaled drive to do right by the dogs he studies, trains and represents, and it is terrifically contagious.  His efforts not only help our best friends, they inspire others to follow their inner voice and make a difference -- and that is exciting."
- Jon Bozak, author Demo: The Story of a Junkyard Dog
"I just received a copy of your "The Pit Bull Hoax".  It is outstanding.  You did a great job with it and it is very professional.  God bless you for your promotion of the Pit Bull Breed and your battle against BSL.  It is obvious that you are not in this for monetary reasons since you only charged shipping.  Quite frankly I personally would have paid $25 or $30 site unseen (because of the subject matter) but after viewing it, in my opinion it is worth much more then that. I am big time Pit Bull Enthusiast and have attended two of BADRAP's annual Pit Bull Conferences out in Oakland. I volunteer at Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City. I live in Edison which has a large Pit Bull population. I'll definitly be spreading the word about this DVD!"
- Tony Gencarelli, Pit Bull Owner and Advocate
"Congrats on the whole thing. Very worthwhile effort, Drayton."
- Michael Mountain, Co-Founder of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
"I am just baffled by the mysticism surrounding BSL. I think the most impressive thing in the Hoax DVD is the quiet, measured conviction of those professionals as they spoke on behalf of these dogs. No screaming, no diatribes, no fanatical or fancy speech...just plain and simple logic. As I watched the video, all I could think was that if the Pro BSL crowd can't comprehend what these folks are saying, well, then, what is it going to take?"
- Joann Prince, All Star Pet Rescue, Inc.
"Great Job! One of the most important aspects of The Pit Bull Hoax is how it illustrates that Breed Bans force local government resources and tax-payers' monies to be spent on non effective means. While many other dog abuse cases go unheard or ignored because the local governments don't have the resources for abuse task forces."
- Edel Miedes, Co-Founder and Co-Director Miami Coalition Against BSL

“The Pit Bull Hoax DVD is a most valuable tool being used to pave the way to repeal the Breed Ban or Breed Specific Legislation, in Miami ~Dade County. It clearly gets the visual point across! Thanks for your help!"
- Dahlia, Director Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation
"The Pit Bull Hoax DVD is a good example of this man's single minded determination to help lift the American pit bull from the sad state in which it finds itself. If the breed had but a few more fanciers of his calibre, dedication and spirit, Pit Bull dogs should soon see better days. Two thumbs up for The Pit Bull Hoax!"
- Diane Jessup, Pit Bull breed steward and author of The Dog Who Spoke With Gods

"The Pit Bull Hoax' is a wonderful DVD for fans of bully breeds and for those who are not yet converted to adoring Bully Breeds.This DVD pulls resources from various well-respected Industry experts and delivers compelling and intelligent arguments. I am so grateful to have this DVD as an education tool for our events, it's completes the circle necessary to dispel breed-specific mandates, poor media reporting, and proves why bully breeds get such a bad rap."
- Deirdre Franklin aka Little Darling, President & Founder

"The 'Pit Bull Hoax' is a must see and should be part of the resource library of every person or organization that is serious about working to protect the wonderful breed of dog commonly referred to as the 'pit bull'. This is a rare opportunity to hear from well-respected professionals who actually work with canines, more specifically with aggression cases. The truth about pit bulls is something needs more exposure and this short presentation will have you on the right path."
- Faith Hynoski, Co-Founder of Families Against Breed Bans
"At long last — some rational information about pitbulls."
- Dr. Ian Dunbar

Thanks for helping Pit Bulls and all dogs to become better understood.

Let's bring breed specific legislation to an end by 2011!