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February 22, 2011

‘Pit Bull guru:’ Misunderstood breed
is good family dog

Bud was hugged along the way as he rode in the first automobile crossing the U.S. Petey became famous with TV’s “The Little Rascals.” Both were Pit Bull Terriers — a breed that has been getting an unjust bad rap for some time, according to Drayton Michaels of Red Bank, N.J. Michaels, known as “the Pit Bull guru,” has worked professionally with dogs for more than 10 years. Read More...

pit bull

Drayton Michaels, known as the Pit Bull guru, kneels with Ronya, a 9-year-old Pit Bull from a shelter owned by Silke Wittig of HeRo Canine Consulting of Bloomsburg. Michaels presented a seminar Sunday on the unjustified "bad rap" Pit Bulls have gotten.

November 5, 2008 -- Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman and Child from Attacker

June 9, 2008 -- SF GATE -- Dutch Government to Lift 25-Year Ban on Pit Bulls

May 2008 -- The Olympian -- Diane Jessup takes in abused and abandoned pit bulls from shelters and dog fighting busts and trains them for narcotics and explosives detection work.

03.17.2008 -- New Richmond News -- Pet Pet Bull Drags Woman To Safety

LawDogsUSA Reports An Update On the Dogs Seized from Michael Vick's Property

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10.26.2007 -- NBC11 -- San Jose Pit Bull Helps Crack Sexual Assault Case

10.25.2007 -- DOG STAR DAILY -- Pit Bulls Are Still Being Profiled

law dogs09.29.2007 -- LawDog K9 Moto (formerly Mikey) has won a prestigious award from the Washington State Veterinarian Medical Association. He is this year's recipient of the WSVMA Animal Hall of Fame "Professional" Division award. K9 Moto over came severe abuse to become one of the Washington State Patrol's most beloved narcotics detection dogs. Congratulations to Moto and to his wonderful handler. Ironically, this award was presented to K9 Moto and his handler in Yakima, where American Pit Bulls are BANNED! You can draw your own conclusions about the worth of bans which work to kill dogs like K9 Moto.

Moto will be displayed on the WSVMA webpage for the next year. Thanks to Moto, his handler Trooper Jason Knott, the WSP trainers and the veterinarians at Steamboat Animal Hospital who nominated K9 Moto.

You can watch a video of Moto from King 5 - From Near Death to Top Dog

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03.01.2007 -- Pit Bull saves 2 Women from Deadly Cobra, Dies Wagging His Tail

June 1991 -- New Scientist -- Not all Pit Bulls are Killers

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