Pit Bull Guru Position Statements

Due the overabundance of false information, myths and urban legends about “pit bull” dogs from both the pro and anti pit bull camps, I felt it was time to state a few things about dog behavior as it relates to “pit bulls” and aggression.

Environment and the dog’s history have much more to do with displays of aggression towards people or dogs than some behavior abnormality, code in the dog’s genetics, or dominance myths. HUMAN behavior is the greatest variable in a dog’s training and socialization; this is the foundation of any dog’s soundness.

If a dog has significant fear, anxiety and/or aggression issues, it is strongly suggested that you have the dog thoroughly checked by a veterinarian to rule out medical causes.

The position statements below are in PDF Format and require Adobe Reader.


1–Pit Bull Guru Position Statement on inherited dog directed aggression in “Pit Bull” Dogs

2–Aggression directed towards humans and the soundness of “Pit Bull” type dogs

Hopefully the information in these position statements will interject some understanding, logic, common sense and compassion for dogs and humans and result in less stress and a better quality of life for all.

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